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This is the place where you can listen to all of my music that's ready for public consumption. The samples sound like "all heck" if you listen to them through PC speakers. Your PC speakers drop out many of the frequencies that I so carefully put in there, and they even drop out entire instruments. Please listen with quality headphones plugged right into the green port (or the port with the headphone symbol on laptops) on your PC. Thanks, and enjoy!

By the way if your headphones or your little ear-insert-thingys for the iPod are not high quality, you are missing much of your favorite tunes anyway. iPod makes an upgraded ear-insert-thingy which is well worth the extra money. Always get the best speakers and headphones you can afford. These are the key to sound quality in your system and should represent the bulk of your sound equipment expenditure. The electronics are pretty much the same from sound device to sound device today. It's the speakers and headphones that make the difference.

This site is run and maintained by Jonathan Kava. Unless otherwise stated, all compositions were made by Jonathan Kava on FL Studio versions 9, 10 or 20.

Copyrights are in full force and will be fiercely defended. I am open to playing and redistribution of my work, but you must contact me first. If my music is being played or sold somewhere, I want to know who is involved and have direct contact. Many pieces here are registered with the U.S. Copyright Service.